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Tiny clinic. Patented new cancer treatment. Big possibilities.


When you are battling cancer, why keep doing what isn't working?
We have re-invented cancer treatment, and that may mean a new option for you.

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Despite great strides in cancer treatment, too often the best standard therapies still offer little hope of a real victory.  In fact, long-term survival rates for most malignancies are still poor enough that the nation's leading cancer experts recognize and recommend that most patients have a better survival chance using clinical trials and investigative treatment techniques.  The treatment technique offered at NeoPlas Innovation is remarkably different from the usual.  (We mean that quite literally.  The outpatient treatment technique offered to many of our patients was granted United States patent 9,034,310 in May 2015.)  And the early patient results in our practice include a growing number of cases of stabilizing or even regressing cancers that have proven resistant to standard treatments.  So if you're fighting this battle and the honest truth is that you're not winning, you may need to take a fresh look at your options while you are still healthy enough to fight the disease.

The various pages of our web site will give you the information you need to help you decide whether you'd like to look into this novel treatment further and how to get started.  In fact, you'll probably find the answers to most of your questions right here on the site.  You can navigate directly to any page using the tabs located near the top of each page.  The section marked "Is It For You?" is probably the page you'll want to visit next to get details about what is offered and whether it could be an option for you.  When you're ready to take the next step, we look forward to hearing from you.

When you're battling cancer, you can't afford to sit back and let anyone else make your treatment decisions for you.  There's too much at stake.  Only you can decide what course of action offers you the best hope.  Click to the next page to see if we might help you get there, or,

Call us at (615) 807 1037 to get answers and to get started.

The combination therapy technique described is protected under United States patent 9,034,310 issued on 19 May 2015 to Stephen B. Cantrell as a private individual, used in this practice under license from the inventor.  Treatment recommendations and plans are precisely customized for every patient accepted into treatment using this and/or other techniques.  The patented technique comprises an off-label usage of medicines which has not been evaluated by the FDA.  No claims are made or implied that the quality of medical care offered in this practice is superior to any other physician or practice.  This site and its contents copyright 2016 by Stephen B. Cantrell.

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